Manchester Evening News 5 January 2012

Clive Maudsley  Clive Maudsley

An accountant who twice beat life-threatening illness says his life has been changed for the better after his brushes with death led him to launch his own financial consultancy business.

Clive Maudsley, a former Manchester-based partner at UHY Hacker Young, with 25 years' experience advising SMEs and small cap listed companies, says he is now fitter and healthier and has even lost 12 stones in weight.

He says he is now ready to start 2012 with renewed energy which he aims to use to focus on his new venture, CSM Financial Consultancy.

Clive, who lives in Manchester city centre, was struck down by a bug following a holiday in southern Africa in November 2010. On his return, he was rushed to Manchester Royal Infirmary after his kidneys and liver failed, and he was given 48 hours to live.

Clive went home after six weeks in hospital, but was still too ill to return to work and quit his job at UHY in April last year.

In June, Clive suffered another major health setback after an infection in his neck led to sepsis, and he had to undergo an emergency operation.

The illnesses left Clive weak and struggling to walk, and he needed physiotherapy to regain his strength.

He has recovered and is fighting fit after joining a gym in September. Clive now works out three times a week.

He says he has never felt so good, especially after losing 12st, and plans to lose a further 13 pounds to reach his ideal weight of 15st. His weight ballooned to 28st before his first serious illness.

Clive said: “It has been an intense time for me and my family. When I was first rushed into hospital after my trip to Africa, my mum was told by doctors to gather family and friends as they didn’t think I had long to live.

“But I somehow managed to fight the disease. For the first two weeks, I was very much out of it, nobody knew exactly what was wrong, but all I cared about was getting better. Thanks to doctors and help from family, I was able to leave hospital and go home after six weeks, but I was still very weak and I knew it was going to take longer to get my health back.

“But, just as I was getting better, I noticed a lump in my throat in March. It swelled to the size of my fist and in June my body just couldn’t handle any more and went into shock, with me ending up in intensive care for an emergency operation.”

During that time Clive quit his job at UHY after eight years.

“My priority changed and I had to listen to what my body was saying,” he said.

“With the ongoing health problems, I knew it will take months before I fully recuperated, so I had no choice but to leave my job.”

While recovering Clive, who previously worked at Baker Tilly where he was a partner, started thinking about setting up his own business offering financial advice including fund-raising and business planning to large corporates and SMEs.

He believes demand for his skills will increase in 2012 as businesses need more financial advice during the weak economic climate.

He said: “The first three months of the year are going to be tough, especially for retailers.

Those that don't have an in-house accountant will be seeking advice from someone like me.

“The advantages of being mobile are that I am free to move about, meet people where it's convenient for them and I'm able to respond quickly as well.

“I have nearly 25 years of experience and want to put good use to those skills by helping other businesses.”

He added: “I know it's a bit of a cliché to say that I've been though a life-changing experience, but that's just what happened.“